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Rumor has it that the field of software development pays more than *twice* that of Librarianship, and offers larger amounts of free food.Where is a site where arts n’ crafters sell their wares.This is the same comic con, coincidentally where my friend and coworker Jon, author of the excellent Dog Blog, ran into Joss Whedon while both gentlemen were drunk and thanked him thanked him thanked him for making such excellent movies.Jon has a photo to prove it, which he will show you at the slightest provocation. ” So, I’ll just skip that and mention that she recently asked for comic book recommendations for her daughter. Let me know what you think in the comments, and I’ll ship the whole list off to her Miminess at the end of the week as a tribute of librarianly esteem. Clan Apis – A view of life as a honeybee but without looking like a Mark Trail comic strip. I’m meeting my librarian buddy Kara at the Newark airport and we’re going to spend four days hanging out with friends and being tourists, damned tourists. Great art, gentle tales with subtle feminist undertones. We’re gonna shop, ice skate, lunch, and work on our French. , and my French friend and Cow-orker Gui knows this guy who runs a hotel, and he’s having a big birthday bash, and well, the stars just aligned. Librarians bring order to chaos, and so, with a little luck, do I.Modern Day Prometheus or why my boyfriend is the greatest guy ever. My first question was a slightly judgmental “where were his parents during all of this?

I also found an associated grumpy thread on Metafilter, comparing the ubiquity of this style of propaganda art in Soviet Russia to something like garish ads for fast food and grocery store mailers. Today is beautiful, and we will face it with the resolution to do good.

Sue answered: “that’s what librarians do, we organize information.” Librarianship, defined as the act of organizing information, is a broad and inclusive field. There are strict professional guidelines determining who is and is not technically a “Librarian,” but there is also a strong case to be made for the authenticity of self-identification.