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Unlike her most famous character, Bilson's childhood was not spent amid the multi-millionaires of Orange County's Newport Beach (where The OC's trouble-in-paradise melodrama is set).Her family lived in the unfashionable San Fernando Valley, but had been in the entertainment industry since her great-grandfather, George Bilson, who was born in Leeds, worked for RKO Pictures.In her debut film role, The Last Kiss (2006), she played a sexy siren hell-bent on seducing Zach Braff's troubled father-to-be, shedding all but a miniskirt and some flesh-coloured 'pasties' on her breasts for a steamy love scene.But I'm here to talk to her about Jumper, a special-effects-heavy, big-budget action thriller about teleporting that is tipped to become a money-spinning trilogy à la The Bourne Identity.When we meet, Bilson is excited to be back in Los Angeles, where she grew up.She has been in Toronto since the new year, and is happy to return to the Spanish-style home she shares with her silver-haired terrier, Thurman.Her father, Danny, is a writer and producer, while her grandfather, Bruce Bilson, is a director whose credits include Dallas, Dynasty and Knight Rider. 'I had great friends who are still my best friends now, and it's sort of like you're not jaded by any of this stuff because you grew up here.'Her parents divorced when she was nine - 'I got two houses and two Christmases, you know, but as a child of nine it's kind of hard to process what that's all about' - and she remains close to both her parents. " Then she did the whole mom thing, of course: use condoms etc. However, there was one moment, aged 14, when her choice in friends led to a near-fatal car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway after her vehicle swerved and crashed into an oncoming car. Bilson blacked out and was rushed to hospital, where she remained in a coma for two days.She has a very open relationship with her mother, Janice Stango, a sex therapist who, according to Bilson, instinctively knew when she lost her virginity: 'Oh, yeah. Weird, but helpful.'Bilson began her teenage years 'hanging out with probably not the best group of guys'. A shard of windscreen had cut open her head - she was left with a small scar beneath her hairline and she still suffers headaches and memory problems as a result.

whos dating rachel bilson-54

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And so then you were like, "Two words: Doogie Howser." That was the first line that I knew was going to be in the song! I'm not sure that she actually believed that this was going to happen until the day that we were on set to shoot the video. It was never in the spirit of trying to denigrate Mischa Barton, but I'm a big fan of free game humor, which means that you go after yourself, and you go after what's around you. C." because so much of Rachel's public persona is tied to that, and so that felt like a very necessary part of it. You didn't mention Peter Gallagher's eyebrows though. " The cadence worked and the words worked, and I probably should have checked much sooner, but I loved the line so much that I just let it fly. They were like, "She crushed it." That, for me, was pretty fucking badass, and I'm not even into style. I secretly have the hope that The CW will adopt The CW gang sign as their network insignia.

Made up, there is a touch of Cindy Crawford to the raven-haired girl known to many as Summer Roberts, the high-school prom queen in the cult teen soap The OC whose beauty, intellect and love for the geeky Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) won her legions of fans around the world.

Later she tells me, 'I was in Dubai recently and people were like, "Oh, The OC! " And I was like, "You know, it's like all the way around the world."'Bilson breaks off for a costume change.

She turns 27 in August but could easily pass for 18.

'Cute' is the word that's paired relentlessly with her on the acres of internet real estate devoted to her. But the actress has recently appeared eager to cast off the fluffier trappings of her on-screen persona.

"His relationship with Zoe will remain as contentious as always," Bethel told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. It was kind of a brazen move on my part, which I'm not sure if they appreciated very much.

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