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The file also includes a facility’s census for each day within the quarter as calculated using the minimum data set (MDS) submission.The PBJ public use file will be available at https://gov/.The file includes the hours nursing staff are paid to work each day, for each facility.The categories of nursing staff include director of nursing, registered nurses with administrative duties, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses with administrative duties, licensed practical nurses, certified nurse aides, medication aides, and nurse aides in training.The PBJ Admin Excel to XML Template V1.00.0 is available in the download section below and should be used for linking employees.This Excel template allows you to create an XML file for the PBJ Administration Submission File.

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Questions regarding the PBJ policy information should be directed to [email protected]

The following PBJ technical items are now available under the Downloads section of this page: Questions regarding the PBJ Data Specifications should be directed to Nursing Home PBJTech [email protected]

This file should be used if an Employee has changed Employee IDs within a facility.

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This file is used strictly to link or delink Employee ID information already present in the PBJ system.

Over time, CMS has utilized staffing data for a myriad of purposes in an effort to more accurately and effectively gauge its impact on quality of care in nursing homes.