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"There's no other dating site like Savage Hearts, other sites didn't put me in touch with people who share my interests." - Cheryl, 2011 "Myself and Cheryl come from places that aren't enriched with alternative culture, but we're pretty perfect for each other" - Paul, 2011 is a dating site especially created to serve the alternative community.That means it's now easier for you to find alternative guys and gals, who'll get what you're about and what you're into.She added: "You don’t need to have tattoos to use the site, you just have to love them! " Lucy’s launch follows hot on the heels of dating expert Charly Lester’s app for people who wear glasses. ) relieves those tired of being discriminated against for having four eyes, and who are desirous of banding together with another bespectacled hottie. I realised there wasn’t one for glasses,” noted Lester, holding to the increasingly surreal norms surrounding the justification of a dating platform launch.Users connecting through Facebook can post as much or as little personal information as they like – as with Tinder – but they do need to answer the question: “I think my glasses make me look …” using just five words.All of which makes the current trend among the ever-renewing stock of dating entrepreneurs both amusing and ludicrous in equal measure.The idea du jour is a version of the much older strategy of dating PLU (people like us).We recently hired a young engineer in our lab, and he mentioned he had a tattoo on his back and on his right arm.I asked him why so many young people have tattoos, and he said (my paraphrasing), "Women find tattoos attractive. If so, I guess I just never considered this aspect of it. I did it because I thought I was cool and grown-up.

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Having taken note of the fatigue generated by mega-sites such as Match, e Harmony, Ok Cupid, and apps like Tinder, Hinge, Happ’n and Bumble, matchmaking moderns have glimpsed an opening in going radically in the opposite direction by narrowing choice to an almost obsessive-compulsive set of criteria.Attempting to game the mysteries of love – or, in dating site e Harmony’s terms, “the secret sauce of attraction” – is nothing new.