Slovakia dating customs Meet for sex without credit card

01-Sep-2017 23:19

Specially if the circumstances involve someone traveling from one country to another.

Every Slovenian guy I know has this really intense hobby.

But once in a while you love to treat ourselves with some kind of street food style dinner. Their version of light is half a baguette or loaf of bread with dozens slices of cheeses and hams (oh, and beer! I laughed so much when a friend told me that her Slovenian boyfriend refuses to have potatoes, and chicken for dinner.

But it’s totally okay with having half a kilo worth of sandwiches for himself.

Which include sport shorts, and one of those random free T-shirt they give you.

This has its benefits because they do take care of their formal wear.

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Anyway, I’m giving you the heads up for when you encounter this inevitable cultural clash.

In Slovenia, dinner is usually between 5-6, because lunch is usually between 11-12. I still haven’t get used to this, and I don’t know when I will.