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23-Aug-2017 20:57

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Still, when the Elven monarch invited the Humans to join his people on the Floating Isles they had discovered, the offer was gladly accepted. is Eya Interactive's massively multiplayer offering that will debut in North America this year, joining the lineup available through free to play publisher Gala-Net's g Potato portal.

The design is said to place significant emphasis on social elements such as a matchmaking feature that pairs complementary characters and gives them bonuses such as access to so-called date instances where they have the chance to obtain special loot drops. Each one can consist of up to five members, and can own and operate a farm that provides further benefits as it levels up.

Here, you'll get the chance to register with the family manager and receive your residence card, an in-game profile that includes a short character bio and a list of your interests and hobbies. Whenever a player whose card lists similar likes and dislikes wanders nearby, it will trigger your heart alarm, sending it into a frenzy and causing bright red hearts to rocket and spin over your head like fireworks, letting everyone else nearby know that you may have just found love at first sight.

You can do so anywhere - in the marketplace in town, while hunting in the field, or even in a dark subterranean dungeon.

Welcome to DATEOLICIOUS Are you ready to join the millions of other members who have found long lasting love?

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The world I live in is sort of like Jane Austen, very marriage-oriented.

Forget about bars, dating clubs, or even meeting someone at your local library.

When the Elves and Humans emerged into the world, the savage Demons immediately attacked them both.

Every girl (and boy for that matter) wants to get married, and does so in her early twenties.

The systems at play to get everyone married off must fascinate an outsider.

Similarity is seen as having to do with religious standards, not native-born culture.