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Rather, this page is offered as an invitation to begin exploring this endlessly fascinating subject on your own.Remember that some of these suggestions are particular to landscapes of Wisconsin or the Upper Midwest, but most have much wider applicability.This means looking for places where changes in elevation begin or cease occurring, breaks in gradient and beginnings of changes, whether gradual or rapid.(Stillman Wagstaff) Visit your landscape throughout the year.Are there many small patches of different land uses, or are there large patches? Think about how the people in your landscape supply their basic needs (food, water, shelter, social relations, etc.), and how those needs might relate to the different types of land use.Imagine a map with different land uses shaded different colors (crops, animals, natural areas, residential areas, etc.). (Abigail Popp) See the land through a surveyor’s eye.

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Ask yourself a few basic questions about your surroundings: What is the most prominent color in your view? Is there any evidence of human settlement: roads, buildings or ruins?When preparing to read a landscape, know what to bring and what to leave behind.Preparations for reading a landscape begin before the reader actually steps outside their door; the most practical consideration (aside from choosing a landscape to read) is deciding what to bring with you and what to leave behind.Seminar members each contributed several landscape-reading suggestions--we called them "tips"--which have been organized thematically and presented below.

Unlike the other pages we've created for this website, the goal of this particular page is emphatically not to provide a comprehensive or systematic guide for those seeking to learn the craft of reading landscapes for the rich natural, cultural, and historical information they contain.

(Liese Dart) If you’re just learning a landscape, take a journal and pencil with you.