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One day your boss gives X instruction for doing Y, but when you do X, and the result (through no fault of yours) is unsatisfactory, the boss denies giving that instruction.

She may even feign outrage that you would “accuse” her of such a thing. In extreme cases, this trait can lead to ethical and legal breaches.

Don't treat them like they're a jerk, but show your grace under fire.

Take a deep breath when the questions sound like a personal attack, and try to avoid becoming defensive. Go Slow, Be Clear When you are getting those rapid-fire questions, the last thing you want to do is respond quickly.

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Also, don’t hesitate to administer a behavioral assessment exam to provide some information about character traits such as agreeableness, assertiveness, cooperativeness, and honesty.Be ready for that negative response, and don't let it get you nervous.If you go into your interview ready for an assault, you'll find that it will be much easier to hold up under the pressure of negative feedback.If you work for an aggressive personality, you probably need answers and solutions, too. More than anything aggressive personalities want to win, at whatever cost.

Is there an effective way to work with someone who can never be wrong, refuses all input from others, and is hypersensitive to even the hint of criticism (while dishing out plenty of criticism of others)? Simon says that aggressive personalities are “fundamentally at war with anything that stands in the way of their unrestrained pursuit of their desires.” And unlike the rest of us, aggressive people don’t shy from conflict.Meditate and Clear Your Mind Meditation offers many health benefits, including lowered blood pressure and a reduction in your stress.

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