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( Adaptive radiation is the evolution from an unspecialised ancestral stock of many different species that adapt to a variety of ecological roles (see books)).Mammals and subsequently humanity may not have become dominant on earth had it not been for the global catastrophe that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.Living orders of placental mammals , be it bats, humanity, whales or camels, have as their common ancestor a small insectivore creature that went through a major phase of adaptive radiation during the Early Cenozoic Era .

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Biologists included principles from genetics in evolutionary theory during the 1920s and 1930s.

Evolution only gained significant momentum after the theory of evolution, published by Charles Darwin in November 1859, implied that man was merely another product of life on earth, with origins shared by the other creatures and not its ultimate purpose. Wallace proposed the same theory at a joint presentation to the Linnaean Society in London .

Without the universal acceptance of the principle of evolution, there is no chance for the serious proposal of holism.

Social forces appear to have directed much of the evolution of humanity but we are still subject to natural selection.

Primate taxonomy (see books: phylogeny, taxonomy, systematics) is in a state of flux due to the discoveries made in primate genetics.

africanus (Dart, 1925) (including small brained australopithecines) (see books), H.

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