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21-Dec-2017 04:00

It has also announced repeatedly – six times in total – a sparce lifting of economic sanctions even if their scope is very limited.

Thus for two years, the “Democratic” administration has resumed diplomatic relations with Cuba, proceeded to reopen an embassy at Havana, established direct commercial flights between the two countries, broadened the categories (12 in total) of US citizens authorized to go to Cuba and agreed for certain US investments in the island, especially in the telecommunications sector.

These measures permitted, inter alia, US citizens authorized to travel to Cuba to bring back rum and Cuban tobacco, free of quantitative restrictions.

However, Washington still forbids the classic importation of these products on the US market.

That said, as his final mandate reaches its end, the US President has not exercised his prerogative as the Head of Executive to dismantle the network of economic sanctions against Cuba.

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Stepping off Air Force One under drizzling skies, the president held an umbrella over his wife, Michelle, as he was greeted by senior Cuban officials. The official welcoming session will take place Monday morning when Obama meets with Cuban President Raúl Castro at the presidential palace.Since re-establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba, the U. has made it easier for Americans to travel to the island nation.