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We kind of looked around and laughed and were like “uhhh…. I wanted to share some photos with you guys, as well as some of my favorite highlights.

Brandon and I are both Jewish, and decided have a traditional Jewish ceremony.

Sanchit Sethi, a young entrepreneur from Delhi, decided something needed to change. The website connects unmarried couples with hotels that allow them to rent a room in total confidentiality and without risking their safety.

He saw an opportunity to help these couples by creating a full-fledged business. Contrary to what the "moral police" in India want, the founders of Stay Uncle are trying to make India a place where everyone is free to make their own personal choices.

Because our weekdays are so jam-packed with activities, Brandon and I started to think about a way to spend time together outside of dinner/in front of the tv/ in bed falling asleep.

I am a morning person, and I also love walking, so I recommended morning walks.

, there was a sort of dried, brown water goop everywhere. We couldn't figure out where the HELL it was coming from until we saw our beloved cactus (photo above), deflated and limp, hanging over the lip of the vase. " We both were shocked at 1) how on earth that happened and 2) how gross the thought of plant juice drying all over the wall and nightstand was.

In western culture, the idea of forbidden intimacy before marriage seems pretty antiquated, but for young adults in India it's the reality they face everyday.

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Chandra Prakash is the president of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, one of the oldest political parties in India, and he is very opposed to the idea of physical intimacy before marriage. If you are truly in love, then get married first," he told Seeker."They [Stay Uncle] have basically turned into a sex industry. It's not so black and white for many unmarried Indian couples, and the success of Stay Uncle shows that attitudes towards dating are changing in the country."Romance is all about physical intimacy after a certain level [...] you can be all romantic, but you have to express it, and cards and gestures, you know, there's only so much they can do.The country has seen many instances of self-proclaimed "guardians of Indian culture" carrying out attacks of vandalism in defiance of PDA, and just last year Mulwani police raided a hotel and took more than 40 couples down to the police station.

The couples weren't doing anything illegal so they couldn't be arrested, but they were verbally harassed by officers and some of the younger ones were forced to call their parents and explain what they had done.Ajit Pandey,manager of Hotel Gera, told Seeker he now gets 3-4 bookings daily from Stay Uncle.

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You just have to have faith that this is a good thing and no harm will come of this.… continue reading »

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