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Though only passing references in Das Kapital (1867) refer to crises, they were extensively discussed in Marx's posthumously published books, particularly in Theories of Surplus Value.In Progress and Poverty (1879), Henry George focused on land's role in crises – particularly land speculation – and proposed a single tax on land as a solution.Business cycles in OECD countries after World War II were generally more restrained than the earlier business cycles.This was particularly true during the Golden Age of Capitalism (1945/50–1970s), and the period 1945–2008 did not experience a global downturn until the Late-2000s recession.See Financial crisis: 19th century for listing and details.The first of these crises not associated with a war was the Panic of 1825.BOSTON, December 31 -- NBER's Committee on Business Cycle Dating met on December 29 to review data on the recent performance of the U. The Committee deferred identifying a peak in the current U. business cycle until additional data confirm current impressions that such a peak may have occurred during the summer of 1979.

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There were similar increases in real wages during the 19th century.The Committee had to adapt the NBER definition, however, to reflect specific features of the euro area.The CEPR Committee’s task is significantly different from that of the NBER.The first systematic exposition of periodic economic crises, in opposition to the existing theory of economic equilibrium, was the 1819 Nouveaux Principes d'économie politique by Jean Charles Léonard de Sismondi. Sismondi found vindication in the Panic of 1825, which was the first unarguably international economic crisis, occurring in peacetime.

Sismondi and his contemporary Robert Owen, who expressed similar but less systematic thoughts in 1817 Report to the Committee of the Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing Poor, both identified the cause of economic cycles as overproduction and underconsumption, caused in particular by wealth inequality.They advocated government intervention and socialism, respectively, as the solution.

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